Hellllllllllllllo World!

I’m Love. (And if you’re about to make a joke, I’ve already heard it.) I’ve always been an avid reader. I’ve always pretended to like blogging. I’ve had some form of blog on virtually every social media form since 2002. I recently decided to try to combine my two worlds, and blog about things that are important to me. This blog is my attempt at that. I will blog about books I’ve read (fiction or non-fiction) and try to relate them to some current events or things that I find important. It’s a little bit of a twist on a traditional book blog, but bear with me as I’m working out all the details.

a little more about me

I have a full-time job working at a University, where I tend to focus my time and energy on making sure that students are successful while on campus. This also makes it harder to keep up with my reading and blogging as often. I’m contemporary in every sense of the word. I love contemporary fiction. I love to feel like I could be reading about someone’s actual experiences. I have a hard time suspending my reality. I don’t apologize, but often stop and think about it. I hope to leave the world a better place than I found it. Or at least encourage others to do the same.



  1. Shealea Iral says:

    Hi, Love! Thanks for following me. 😁 I just had to check your blog out after reading the name. I mean, “Politics, Polymers & Pretty Dresses”? Um, brilliant! And very catchy as well. 😂 Anyway. This is a lovely blog. Can’t wait to see more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AccidentalIowan says:

    Do you work in student affairs??? I think we have similar careers and interests!


    1. Love says:

      Yep! I work in Reslife.


      1. AccidentalIowan says:

        I worked in res life until a year ago when I transitioned to academic advising. What a fun blog connection!


  3. Thomas says:

    So excited to read more about how the literary, scientific, and political clash! So cool to see someone passionate about student success as well as reading and blogging. Great for you keeping up the blogging trend for so many years.


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