Hello! This is my mini-guide on Gender. I will post links to blogs, articles, and explanation about gender and equality in the US and abroad. I’m hoping to provide a concise place for people to look up some answers to questions they may be too afraid to ask about or topics they’ve never had exposure to previously. Right now my plan is to group feminist topics under this page. However, as I work to add more sites and information to my resource guides, I may separate gender and feminism. As with all my pages – if you have a site or a topic you’d like to see featured here, just let me know!


These links are random and unorganized for the time being!

Confused about gender terms? Click here! or here!

Use of the Word Queer in relation to gender

My former classmate on their transition and gender fluidity

Werk Those Pecs is a community-based organization whose mission is to help trans* individuals pay for gender-confirming surgery

Gender fluidity and masculinity

National Center for Transgender Equality

Gender & Sexuality Spectrum



***Still Under Construction***