Shelf Control #5

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another edition of Shelf Control hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies about current unread books on your bookshelf. This week the book I’m choosing to highlight on my shelf is True by Hilary Duff.


Goodreads Synpsis: 

Following the harrowing events of Elixir andDevoted—and the ceremony that almost killed Sage—Clea faces a new reality: With Sage’s soul in Nico’s body, the love of her life looks an awful lot like her best friend’s boyfriend. Can Clea and Sage really be happy under these circumstances?

Clea wants to try to enjoy their new life together, but Sage is acting different—angry—and she struggles to keep her friends from finding out what has happened to him. Something is clearly haunting Sage, and Clea is losing control. Can she trust her friends with the dangerous truth, or will she have to risk losing Sage to madness?

How I Got It: 

I actually purchased this at a book sale near me that I randomly passed. It was a steal at a dollar.

Why I Want To Read It:

I love Hilary Duff. I was oddly impressed by the first book. I’m not sure I entirely remember the second book, but I can’t not finish the series.

When I Am Going To Read It:

Probably soon. This book is pretty slim. It’s definitely not going to take me more than a couple of hours to read.

Until Next Time World…


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  1. Thomas says:

    Curious to see what you think of this one! I am always skeptical of celebrities writing books, but if you end up enjoying this series as a whole I may feel more inclined to check it out. Cool to see that you got it for only a dollar.


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