Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

I’ve been trying to prepare to do a couple of video blogs (look out for this coming out soon!), but in order to put up content I thought I’d participate in some Book Blogger Appreciation Week action. Being new to the legitimate blogging world, I think it’s cool to acknowledge some of the great people who write what I love reading about and inform my reading year.

The prompt for the first day is as follows: Introduce yourself by telling us about five books that represent you as a person or your interests/lifestyle. 

So without further ado…

alltheking_0 All The King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren is my favorite book of all times. I believe that reading this book in high school proved that I loved politics before understanding politics proved it. Since this book was also set in the South, I feel that I could relate to a lot of the points in this book. If you haven’t read this classic, I highly recommend it. I’ll also be re-reading it in March for my re-reading month!

blj_coverBlue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is representative on my love of non-religious writings on religion. I consider myself a very religious person, and probably less spiritual than I would like to admit. I think Donald Miller is really approachable. He explains religious contexts and movements through approachable and funny stories. [The movie was awful, please don’t watch it.] If not this book, then some book by Donald Miller would be representative of me and my interests. I especially loved his book about growing up without a father figure.

51eycyx7crl-_sy344_bo1204203200_How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper is representative of my interpretation of my mental illness. I love Jonathan Tropper. I don’t really care that all his male early 30 characters may be the same, I like the character he has created. Although this book is not my favorite (that would be The Book of Joe) this book was incredibly funny, while being uber realistic. I think there are times when we don’t allow ourselves to feel a certain way, and constantly have to explain our actions to others. I like how much time Tropper spend on this book debunking that. I appreciate it, and if you want to know how I feel when I’m in a “mood” this book is a pretty accurate representation of that.

51s9komz02blSomeday This Pain Will Be Useful To You by Peter Cameron was probably my first foray into Young Adult literature. I read this book in college, and I think that I read it at the right time. In the first chapter the narrative of the story makes a 9/11 reference about whether people will forget the year it happened, comparing it to Pearl Harbor, and I knew I’d like the book. I think it’s smart writing about a teen struggling with his identity and trying to survive being a teen. Working at a university, I am fortunate enough to work with students who are battling big battles. This book reminds me of why it’s important to do this.

fireThe Fire Next Time by James Baldwin is a book that I recently read. I can’t believe that I haven’t read James Baldwin before last week, but it was amazing. Baldwin has such great thoughts on politics and love, specifically from a racial perspective. I appreciate he thoughts on loving your fellow man, and I can really get down with what he says in this short book.

That’s me in 5 books! (Sort of) Be on the look out for a video blog sometime toward the end of the week.


Until Next Time World…


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